Lease Deal IT Ltd. was established in 2017. We are a Finnish IT consultancy that provides its services to other consultancies, software companies and B2B/B2C companies, regardless of their industry or size.

Thanks to Lease Deal IT we were able to replace our old and cumbersome systems. The new, and very easily manageable systems, were delivered to us as a custom solution - it really also shows that the team has worked a lot together!
— Jarmo Kontio - Raskone

What is LDIT?

Lease Deal IT is an IT consultancy specialized in various software development , automation testing, mobile application, web development and UI/UX design projects.


Refined Solutions

LDIT’s expertise is to match client needs with our best in-house talents to provide a stack that ensures the best possible project delivery.



Top-Notch Individuals

We do not utilise subcontractors - our team is extremely well versed to work as a solid unit towards our clientele’s goals. We know each other’s skillsets and can complement one another in the face of even the most challenging development projects.

This is also something we do not compromise on - we believe that a successful project delivery can only happen when the team has a uniform idea on working methods, solutions and on what accounts for great quality.

is our hallmark

We do not under any circumstances use hidden subcontractors or cheap labour, and we do not take on projects that our out of our scope of expertise.


Denis Nerman
Executive Assistant
denis.nerman (at)

Feetu Rajajärvi
Chief Executive Officer
feetu.rajajarvi (at)

Tuomas Lager
Marketing Manager
tuomas.lager (at)